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  • Click on an ad or use a QR code to get to the unique order page
  • Choose your favorite payment system such as Tikkie, OK, PayPal and soon Apple Pay
  • Complete the payment and wait for the order!


Hi! First introduce myself of course: we are Ad Up. The latest possibility to order your products directly via Social Media or from a QR code. We understand that this takes some getting used to, but we are sure that if you experience this, you are convinced of the convenience! Why did we start Ad Up? Social media and new technology are playing an increasingly important role in our lives. We try to make this as easy as possible and ensure that you can immediately order that new backpack via Instagram or Facebook.

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The most important thing is of course your privacy & a secure payment. For this we have official partnerships with, for example, Tikkie. We ensure that you get the optimal experience from an online order, and they take care of the payment. This makes your data completely safe and you can quickly order your new products from your favorite webshop! For free Do you order your products via Ad Up? Then you pay no extra costs for this. The webshop where you order takes this entirely at his own expense. Nice huh! Some official partners & integrations:

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First Energy Ad Up

Ad Up is easy to order products from offline and online advertisements.

    • Use your own payment provider Through our various partners we offer you, as a consumer, the optimal experience. For example, you can pay with Tikkie or Paypal.
    • Secure payment The payments you complete are made by the payment provider you choose. For example by ABN Amro (Tikkie).
    • Order from your own webshop Our system fully integrates with the existing webshops. You will arrive at the landing page that your favorite webshop has made yourself.
    • Experience the convenience of Ad Up At Ad Up, the consumer comes first, so do you have any questions, comments or tips? Contact us via Whatsapp or send an email!


Send us a message here via Whatsapp.




In 2011 Marlieke Elfrink started at her kitchen table with Zascha Hair, after ordering clip-ins abroad. It is now 2019 and Zascha is processing direct orders via social media.

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Cover work

Kaftwerk recycles covers from old, used books, resulting in awesome vintage notebooks. Unlined with ribbon and elastic. Unique gifts! Which you can now also buy directly from Instagram!

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A company with several webshops, now one of the shops uses Ad Up. And the use of Tikkie fits in well with selling the various party glasses to young people. View the case.

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Zascha hair extensions
Kaftwerk case

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