Fast Checkout

At Ad Up, we believe in a new way of ordering online. Therefore, we created the Ad Up Fast Checkout to enable e-commerce businesses to increase revenue. 

  • Increase your revenue by up to 30%.
  • Easy setup.
  • Pay per use: €0,25 per transaction.
  • 14 days free trial.

From a 2-minute checkout to a 10 seconds checkout.

Imagine ordering a product online: arriving at the product page you need to add the product to your cart. After clicking your cart, you have to click “buy”. The long forms begin in the checkout: create an account, fill in all your details, and all the other conversion killers. This just takes to long so we made it easy:

Product. Click. Order.

3 simple steps to have your customers order their products.

Orders & payments

Don’t worry: you don’t need to change anything in your current progress. We’ve built our software on top of your current systems. Just install and go. No other dashboards to keep track of, we make sure to put all necessary data in your systems.

Wait, what? How your doing this? 🤯

Well if you’re interested in a geeky tech story: please contact our founder Maikel. All you need to know for now is: we got you covered. You can use Ad Up within 10 minutes. Is your webshop platform or payment service provider not on our list yet? We’ll make it happen (for free!). 

Partners & Integrations