Social Commerce

Are you ready to rock your online ads? Are you facing ROAS issues? We’re here for you!

With the Ad Up Fast Checkout your customers can buy products directly from any ad:

  • Use in any ad: social, display, search and more.
  • One-click payment from an offline ad (QR)
  • Rock your ROAS

The customer journey

With Ad Up social commerce, your customers do not need to go through many different pages with an insane number of clicks (average 7) and steps to checkout. When they want to buy something through social media it will look something like this:

  1. They see an ad and click on it.
  2. They arrive in the Fast Checkout, and can buy & order in 1 click.
  3. They are done in 15 seconds!

Installation & Pricing

We have a lot of integrations ready like: WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify & OpenCart. And our hero’s from the dev team are building like crazy to get the 25 biggest CMS on board this year. Do you have a custom CMS? Just let us know in your onboarding and we’ll contact you.


It’s simple: try our Social Commerce with a 7-day free trial. 
After that it’s straight on pricing:

€9,- a month for our software. And a fee of €0,25 per transaction.

– Integrated with your current webshop & payment service provider
– Fast Checkout included
– Easy set up within minutes

Wait, what? Whats the benefit for my shoppers? 🤯

Once they are known in the Ad Up network, their lives become much easier. With all webshops using Ad Up Autofill they can continue to pay for their products in just one click.

Partners & Integrations