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Website to webshop

Turn any button or text link into a Fast Checkout! Try it yourself here, or click the demo button!

  • No start-up costs.
  • Single line code
  • No entire webshop to maintain, and you always have the best Fast Checkout in town.
  • Online in 5 minutes.
  • €0.25 per transaction.


Shopper network of Ad Up

At Ad Up, we have been working with fast checkouts for a while now. Because we also received the question from our customers whether we had a simple module for selling on a website, we started working on it. We developed a special module that allows you to start selling on your own existing website within a few minutes. You don’t have to change much and it is set up in no time.

Installation & Pricing

Well, we made it easy! 4 simple steps:

  1. Sign up for our software.
  2. Add your products easily with our product tours.
  3. Link your buttons to your Fast Checkout (Single line code integration).
  4. And start selling online immediately. 


And about pricing: it’s just €0,25 cents for a transaction for using Ad Up’s Fast Checkout. Check your Payment Service Provider (or the rates from Ad Up Pay) for your payment fees.  

Wait, what? Whats the benefit for my visitors? 🤯

We made the world’s most easy checkout. No friction, no hassle. Using the Ad Up Fast Checkout for your website gives your customers a first-class experience. 

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